Bill Goodwin is a main character in the television series, Fangbone!.


Bill is an goofy, lovable kid whose weirdness is his ultimate weapon. He is the sidekick and best friend of Fangbone, who he helps protect the toe from Venomous Drool on Earth.

Physical Appearance

Bill has orange hair, apricot skin, with orange-brown freckles on both sides of his cheeks, he wears a white long-sleeve shirt with black sleeves, and wears sky blue jeans with light blue cuffs on the bottom of the pants and black and white sneakers.



Fangbone - He and Fangbone are best friends, and they both like to refer to eachother as "battle brothers". Every battle they get into, they work with eachother and protect one another.

Ms. Goodwin - He and his mom are very close and they both care for eachother like parent and son. She's known for making Bill and Fangbone waffles each morning before school.


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