Dibby is a character of Fangbone!.




Dibby loves robots. his entire room is decorated in with robot toys and posters in fact he love them so much he's convenced himself he is one, as you can imain this dictates most of his behavior. from the way he walks to in a stiff robot like fashion. and talks reverying to him self has this unit dibby bot and making lots of beeping and booping sounds. he even trys to eat a can in one episode.

Despite this weird behavior dibby is very smart a good with technology. being abull to make out lots out of a street lite wires. and big able to tell fangbone and bill how to stop him when he became a giant robot.

in The Rowboat of Dibby its shown that dibby really wants to be a hero like bill and fang bone and is sad when fang bone says hes not a hero like him and bill. this leads him to still the toe to make him self strong enoght to fight druls monsters. but later relise hes speacle in his own way when he helps defeat his gaint robot self after drull takes controll of him.




Dibby thaw not has physically strong has some of the other characters Dibby is very smart and good with technology. he can program things and maker a street light wires to recharge electronics. When fang bone breaks his leg and Dibby and the class mates take over guarding the toe his contribution is an aerial servailents drone. he oust to fined and ram monsters.

in The Rowboat of Dibby. dibby use the toe to turns him self into a giant robot. in this form he was huge and metal armor extendo arms lazer eyes and a missile launcher. in this form he easy defeats the pokie pengone. but drull takes control of him forcing bill and fang bone to turn him back.




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