Long ago, an exile from the Mighty Lizard Clan, a Wizard known as the Venomous Drool gained incredible power by dipping his big toe into a pit of pure evil. An alliance of all of the barbarian clans was formed to defeat him and at the Battle's conclusion the evil sorcerer was drawn and chopped to pieces, each piece entrusted to a different clan in the hope that the evil wizard would never be revived, the toe and source of Drool's vast power was entrusted to the same Mighty Lizard clan by which the sorcerer had been exiled.

After a thousand year long struggle Drool's minions succeeded in reclaiming all but one piece of his body, his toe. Fearing the havoc Drool would unleash a young Barbarian child named Fangbone was entrusted with the toe and sent as far away from Drool as possible, another world known as Earth. Shortly thereafter Fangbone would meet the human Bill Goodwin and although they struggled at first they soon became fast friends and dual protectors of the toe.

Almost every day Drool would send his monsters after the two. On days that he didn't the toe itself could be counted on to act up in a variety of ways producing seemingly random and almost always dangerous end results. Likely due to it's infusion of pure evil, the toe develops sapience and tiring of Drool's constant failures manipulates him and Fangbone to steal all of the wizard's power and place his legion of monsters under his control.

The Toe's Power

Drool's toe has the power to possess objects and people, for instance, pizza, and Robo Dibby. Drool's toe made up most of his power, when he gained the toe, he was almost invincible. At the end of the series, it was revealed that the toe was sentient, and after Drool's defeat, had taken over his forces.

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